ATM Unit (ft. Jonah Kane-West)


Venue: Rapture

Address: 303 E Main St Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: 434.293.9526


Jonah Kane-West will be subbing in for Mark Miller tonight.  Andrew Randazzo (of the band Butcher Brown) will be filling in for Dane Alderson on bass.

(AP) CHARLOTTESVILLE – Practices for The ATM Unit have been moved to a secret facility said to be located miles below the streets of Belmont. UN inspectors worry the group (which also features drummer Mike Taylor) has harnessed Jazz Fusion Reaction (JFR), which gives off heat approaching that of the core of the Earth.

FEMA released a memo last week urging Charlottesville residents, “…the safest place to be during an ‘Alderson Event’ is within 75 ft of the primary energy source.”

Better safe than sorry.

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ATM Unit

ATM Unit