Venue: On The Rox

Address: 119 N 18th St Richmond, Virginia

Phone: (804) 303-9444


Bobblehead’s contagious swamp boogie music will get in your head and land in your feet, rattling everything in between. This fun and quirky three-piece band showcases unconventional lyrics sung in robust harmonies by Frank Bechter and Doug Bishop, driven by bold guitar and edgy bass lines and carried by David Jacob’s tight drum work. With influences like the Beatles, Devo, the B-52’s, Cole Porter, Kate Bush, the Clash, and Elvis Costello, you get a sound that fits no radio station genre. Bobblehead throws them all on the floor and picks them up in no particular order. Bobblehead recently released their first self-titled EP, and they are featured on Charlottesville’s annual local music compilation CD, C’ville Suitcase. “Mississippi Mud” receives regular play on 106.1 The Corner. Bobblehead has played the Charlottesville Pavilion, Ante Room, Tea Bazaar, Batesville Market, Shebeen, Whiskey Jar, and Dürty Nelly’s.



21+ // Free // 9pm