Diseased Earth / Cut The Architect’s Hand / Blödhren


Venue: The Ante Room

Address: 219 W. Water St. Charlottesville. VA 22902

Phone: 434-284-8561

Website: http://the-ante.com

Slime and Grime Productions & Magnus Music Present:

Diseased Earth – Like sludge on the bottom of yer boots, these guys make for a dooming scenario to anything light & fluffy in this world. Staunton’s death metal collective brings the noise straight up out of the sewer grates to hell.

Diseased Earth

Diseased Earth

Cut The Architect’s Hand – “They attack with a ferocity and deftness that I believe gives the best avenue for their brand of original metal core. Ya know, the Botch-Coalesce-Converge kind. This extends to their physical performance as well, which includes members looking as if their instruments had better comply or die.”

Cut The Architect's Hand

Cut The Architect’s Hand

Blödhren – Roanoke thrash/groove metal outfit fresh off the release of their “Break Free” EP, with extensive touring and a full-length on the horizon.



All Ages // $7 // 7 PM Doors // 8 PM Show