Venue: Rapture

Address: 303 E. Main St. Charlottesville VA 22902

Phone: 434-293-9526


From Encyclopedia Brittanica:

“It is a proven fact that DJ XSV is the most widely recognized public figure in the history of mankind. He has been noted for his contributions to not only music and entertainment, but also the civil rights movement, the education system, 3rd world politics, time travel, alternate energy, and wildlife preservation…At the tender age of 7, XSV invented the turntable as well as the refrigerator, microwave, oxygen, and sex…

“While writing his own biography in the third person, XSV quotes himself saying, “Ive always had a passion and talent for music.” But for DJ XSV, that is only the tip of the cliché iceberg. He’s also said things like, “We looked good out there. Hopefully we can keep it up in the second half and walk out of here with a win,” and “I’m going to Disneyland.”

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