Genosha / Flood The Asylum/ Cut The Architect’s Hand / Optimist Prime / The Chuggernauts


Venue: The Ante Room

Address: 219 W. Water St.

Phone: 434-284-8561


Genosha – Brutal hardcore from Central VA, playing anthems praising passion and integrity and lamenting the lack thereof otherwise. Influences in Botch, Poison The Well, and On Broken Wings. For fans of breakdowns, headbanging, and blunt force trauma.


Flood The Asylum is a metal band from Virginia. A machine gun of rhythm laid over by melodic harmonies, gut busting lows and ear piercing highs!

Flood The Asylum

Cut The Architect’s Hand – “They attack with a ferocity and deftness that I believe gives the best avenue for their brand of original metal core. Ya know, the Botch-Coalesce-Converge kind. This extends to their physical performance as well, which includes members looking as if their instruments had better comply or die.”

Cut The Architect’s Hand

Optimist Prime is a female fronted metal band from Baltimore Maryland. Established in 2015, and new vocalist Melissa Jo joining with the band in early 2016, Optimist Prime has shared the stage with bands such as Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, Toxic Holocaust, All Out War, and D.R.I.

Optimist Prime

The Chuggernauts – Charlottesville, VA based fast paced and hard hitting trio of punk rock pirates, the Chuggernauts know how to throw a punk rock party!

The Chuggernauts

All Ages // $5 // 6 PM Doors // 7 PM Show