Harmonía: A Benefit for Migrant Children & Families


Venue: IX Art Park

Address: 522 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: (434) 207-2355

Website: https://www.ixartpark.com/

Musicians from the community of Charlottesville and beyond come together to support three very important charitable organizations in a time of crisis. Proceeds from the evening will go to Youngcenter.org, Sin Barreras, and Creciendos Juntos, all worthy organizations: Youngcenter.org focuses squarely on child advocacy for migrant and immigrant families, Sin Barreras is a small Charlottesville-based non-profit that focuses on outreach to the immigrant (primarily Hispanic) community, connecting individuals to services, while Creciendos Juntos is a local umbrella non-profit availing myriad developmental, educational, and professional resources to Latinx individuals and families in our community. The lineup of all-star talent will include: Yolonda Coles Jones, ADAR, Nick Berkin, Derrick Decker, Atreyu Jackson, Lua, Charles Owens, Erin Lunsford, Genna Matthew, Tucker Rogers, Paul Rosner, Rusty Speidel, Andy Waldeck, John D’earth, Mariana Bell, Teswar Wood, Davina Jackson and many, many more.

All Ages  /  Donations encouraged