Marie Anderson


Venue: Wild Wolf Brewery

Address: 2461 Rockfish Valley Hwy, Nellysford VA

Phone: 434-362-0088


Marie Anderson – “I’m a singer/musician who has been involved with music since age 4. 5 years ago, if you had asked me, I’d have told you there was no way you would get me up on a stage to perform in front of people. But here I am, and I LOVE IT! What’s my style? I play a little of everything! I don’t ever want to be known for a specific genre of music. I have no aspirations of “making it big”, I just want people to be able to feel it like I feel it. I’m just happy to be out there doing what I love – playing music. I play what I like, and I like a variety of styles. I think if I ever had to limit myself to a specific genre, I’d lose some of the passion I have. It’s the best feeling in the world to have a stranger make a point to come up to you and call you out by name b/c recognize you from somewhere you’ve played, and tell you how much they enjoyed it.”

All Ages  /  Free

Marie Anderson