Freefall : Mighty Joshua / Downbeat Project


Venue: IX Art Park

Address: 522 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: (434) 207-2355


Mighty Joshua matches his reggae blues with uplifting and empowering lyricism that feels at times more like a sermon than a song. With African percussion behind him, Mighty Joshua blends cultures and sounds into a pastiche that feels grounded in tradition, but nevertheless original. In a funk-reggae composition, Mighty Joshua puts a modern spin on reggae music. With his bamboo light pop sound, he is sure to get the legs moving and the mind wandering.

Mighty Joshua

Downbeat Project is an independent band based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Their music is soul-filled and message-driven providing a sweet balance between powerful, heart-felt singing and an intense groove.  Singer-songwriter, Clarence Green, is a wellspring of improvisational hooks and melodies, as well as thought-provoking lyrics.  Zack Blatter (mandocello), Gerald Soriano (bass and harmony vocals), Landon Fishburne (guitar), and Rob Hubbard (drums and harmony vocals) bring with them a diversity of musical inspirations — from jazz to funk, reggae, folk and bluegrass — that deepen and enrich Green’s melodic ideas.  The combination of these influences yields a genre-busting sound, difficult to characterize but hard to ignore.

Downbeat Project


FREE  /  All Ages