Morning Martyrs / Jaewar & Vibe Riot ft. Essie Quoi / Ras Rizla


Venue: The Ante Room

Address: 219 Water St., Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: (434) 284-8561


Morning Martyrs – Morning Martyrs are a collective of musicians and close friends who have been performing in and around the Northeast for the past 5 years in myriad projects and band incarnations. They are proud to have finally focused their collective efforts to make this music happen.

Morning Martyrs

Morning Martyrs

JaewarVibe Riot ft. Essie Quoi – An eclectic band of musicians and vocalists based out of VA and known for performing and recording hip hop, reggae, and rock with Jaewar as lead vocalist. They are joined by Cville experimental musician and vocalist Essie Quoi.

Vibe Riot

Vibe Riot

DJ Ras Rizla will be keeping the vibe going between sets with the best of Dub, Roots, & Reggae

All Ages // $5 / 8PM Doors