Nay Nichelle (Opening for Vibe Riot)


Venue: Sprint Pavilion

Address: 700 E Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: (434) 245-4910


Nay Nichelle was born and raised in Choppee, South Carolina. The soulful singer started singing at a young age in the church.
She never took any vocal lessons, or classes. Everything she knows about singing was taught by her grandmother. Music and soul runs in the veins of her family. Over the years, Nay Nichelle has been trying to get her voice heard.

Auditioning for American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent, being told no was not an option. She continued her music career making music; doing covers and writing original music. The day she went into her bathroom and recorded a video asking Adele for free tickets was the day her life changed forever.

Creating her own hashtag and song entitled #HelloFromTheParkingLot, she became an instant overnight internet sensation in less than 24 hours. Her video reached over 6 million people nationally and internationally.

Nay Nichelle has been featured on Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, MTV, Seventeen Magazine, Mashable (London), CBS Natinal News, BBC (London), iHeart Radio, Chris Brown, Chaos Chytist, Ryan Seacrest, and Kris Jenner. She reached the eyes and ears of millions of people, even Adele’s camp.

Since then, this talented artist used the opportunity as a gateway to jumpstart her music career. She has worked with local Charlottesville VA artists DaReel Sco, Doughman, Q (Black Odessy),OGP, Corey L, and Local Georgetown SC artist LoxxGetBandz. Her album’s “I Am Legend,” produced by Taedo Swerv Beats and “The Sekeer VII,” produced by Doughman Netwurk can be found  on ITunes, Google Play, Sound Cloud, and Spotify.

All Ages  /  Free!

Nay Nichelle