Pale Blue Dot // Lemon of Choice // TBA


Venue: Pauly's Hotel

Address: 337 Central Ave Albany, New York

Phone: (518) 426-0828


Pale Blue Dot is the brainchild of Charlottesville, Virginia native Tony LaRocco, who has assembled a group of musicians committed to exploring the possibilities presented by his songwriting. Left turns abound in the band’s approach to arranging, which invokes the members’ influences, ranging from progressive rock to folk to bebop jazz. Pale Blue Dot is an emergent entity founded on robust, educated, and communicative musicianship. But first and foremost, the ensemble is steadfast in its focus on the power of LaRocco’s songwriting. Recorded in studios in the Shenandoah Valley, Nashville, and Washington, D.C., Pale Blue Dot’s new LP Anatomy is out now.

Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot

Lemon of Choice – Hawaiian shirts, sweaters and sweet jams. We are Lemon of Choice, a garage rock band from Albany NY. Come dance with us!

Lemon of Choice

Lemon of Choice

More TBA!

18+ // $7 // 7:30 pm Doors // 8:30 pm Show