Pale Blue Dot / Studebaker Huck / Bobblehead


Venue: The Southern Café and Music Hall

Address: 103 1st St S, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: (434) 977-5590


Café Doors 6:30pm | Venue Doors 8pm | Show 8:30pm

On Sale Now:

Pale Blue Dot Band is the brainchild of Charlottesville, Virginia native Tony LaRocco, who has assembled a group of musicians committed to exploring the possibilities presented by his songwriting. Left turns abound in the band’s approach to arranging, which invokes the members’ influences, ranging from progressive rock to folk to bebop jazz. Pale Blue Dot is an emergent entity founded on robust, educated, and communicative musicianship. But first and foremost, the ensemble is steadfast in its focus on the power of LaRocco’s songwriting. Recorded in studios in the Shenandoah Valley, Nashville, and Washington, D.C., Pale Blue Dot’s new LP Anatomy is out now.

Pale Blue Dot

Studebaker Huck came together in the summer of 2016. Attempting to blend an eclectic mix of influences, countless alcohol-fueled basement rehearsals and songwriting sessions took place over several months culminating in a debut show at Tea Bazaar in February 2017. Things began to click as the band played frequently around Charlottesville. Hours of stage time honed the sound they had been searching for. In the summer of 2018 they headed to Richmond, Va to record their debut album at famed Minimum Wage Recording with the legendary Lance Koehler. “Wired in the Darkness” was released on November 24, 2018 to a rowdy hometown audience at favorite local haunt The Whiskey Jar. Boasting a mix of rock, folk, punk, americana, and straight-forward songwriting, Studebaker Huck are poised to hit the road.

Studebaker Huck

Bobblehead‘s contagious swamp boogie music will get in your head and land in your feet, rattling everything in between. This fun and quirky three-piece band showcases unconventional lyrics sung in robust harmonies by Frank Bechter and Doug Bishop, driven by bold guitar and edgy bass lines and carried by David Jacob’s tight drum work. With influences like the Beatles, Devo, the B-52’s, Cole Porter, Kate Bush, the Clash, and Elvis Costello, you get a sound that fits no radio station genre. BOBBLEHEAD throws them all on the floor and picks them up in no particular order.