Venue: Rapture

Address: 303 E Main St. Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: (434) 293-9526


Charlottesville Music Showcase Presents:

SPACE FORCE FIVE! – It is time to reclaim America’s heritage as the world’s funkiest space-faring nation, to explore new horizons of sound and tame jazzier frontiers of rhythm. When it comes to making America groove, it is not enough to simply have a Funky presence in the local music scene, we must have Funk Dominance! Effective immediately, the Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs, and the Pentagon are ordered to create a new branch of the music scene. We have an air force, now we will have… SPACE FORCE FIVE! Going boldly where no groove has gone before. Featuring Trevor Pietsch, Eric Cope, Phil West, Carter Thompson, and Sky Young.

21+ // No Cover!

Space Force Five!

Space Force Five!