The East High Cellar


Venue: Rapture

Address: 303 E Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: (434) 293-9526


Charlottesville Music Showcase presents:

After spending far too much time away from playing out live, a couple of proud papas are back! Old school musical buds Will Faulconer (Raw Dawg, Hype Science) and Trip Stakem (Hard Promises, Burnley Station) have been man-caving the past year and are ready to rock ‘The East High Cellar’. Tom Daly (Dwight Howard Johnson, many many more) is playing bass and Richard Carter (also Hard Promises, Burnley Station) is on drums. It’s Rock by way of Folk, Blues & Bluegrass. There will be originals. There will be covers. Hope you can join us! It’s been a minute to say the least…

21+  /  Free

The East High Cellar