Vibe Fest II: Summer Of Love


Venue: Ix Art Park

Address: 522 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: (434) 207-2355


Artistic expression elevates us through its ability to heal, motivate, interrogate, transcend real and imagined boundaries, and give context and color to society’s many shades of gray. Music, especially, has formidable energy. In 2018, Charlottesville-based regional  and international performing artists are more determined than ever to help strengthen a community they love and set an example for the country through music, dance, and dialogue centered around a message of unity and love.

Vibe Riot is an East Coast Indie band founded by Jaewar, Eric Smith, Dan Cotting, and Colin Kovacs in 2013. Vibe Riot is a forward-thinking and charismatic group with a Bluesy Funk Ragga Rock sound that bridges the gaps between several musical genres. Inspired by artists as diverse as The Roots, Tame Impala, and The Black Keys, Vibe Riot are all about connecting with listeners through their energy and organic feel. The band puts a particular emphasis on the live aspect of their music, mostly producing and performing their work as a unit, exploring the unique chemistry that can only come from a group of musicians performing together. The band’s retro sonic aesthetics and thought-provoking lyrics are the most compelling weapons in their arsenal, alongside their verve as a live band and diverse musical palette.

Vibe Riot


Doors 7:30 PM  /  Music 8:00 PM

Admission $10  /  Free before 9:30 PM

Proceeds to benefit WTJU