The Vailix

The Story: On planet Atla, a millennia-old cataclysm has covered the planet in toxic fog. Many of the survivors have taken to the skies, living in tower complexes that reach above the murk and sailing airships for trade and travel. One survivor, an adventurous young girl, holds the key to extraordinary power, putting her in the crosshairs of two ruthless would-be rulers. But in order to survive, she must unravel the mysteries of the Cloud Ocean. To do that, she’ll need help. She’ll need allies, and a ship… And no ship and crew in the skies has a more colorful, infamous, and checkered past than The Vailix.

The Vailix

The Crew (top to bottom): “Big” Bruce (engineering, bass), Bri (pilot, vocals), Jaymi (tactical officer, drums), Corii (first mate, guitar), Cpt. Roc Robarts (ship’s captain, guitar, vocals). Band artwork by Jakub Wisniewski.

The Band: Formed in 2014, The Vailix is a female fronted hard rock band from Charlottesville, VA, who use music, light, and art to tell stories based on the sci-fi graphic novel series “The Tales of the Cloud Ocean”, created by guitarist/songwriter Rob Richmond. Powerful vocals soar above riff-heavy guitars, grinding bass, and thunderous drums as they turn narration and images into songs that drive just as intensely as the story from which they spring. The Vailix is a unique, and heart-pounding experience from start to finish!

The Vailix

The Band (left to right): Corey Teitelbaum (Guitar), Jamie Booth (Drums), Brianna Litman (Vocals), Rob Richmond (Guitar/Vocals), Bruce Stocking (Bass)

A Review of the Aeronaut EP
by Quinn Voss, on-air personality, WXRK-LP Rock Hits 92.3, Charlottesville, VA

“Concept music is tricky. In order for it to work, the music has to stand on its own separate from the concept, but also be your gateway to it. In this way, The Vailix are a rock concept band done right. More Charlottesville’s answer to Coheed and Cambria, and less an example of when a concept can go horribly wrong (see: Styx “Kilroy Was Here”). I will admit, I don’t know anything about the sci-fi story they’re telling, but the music works without it, which is what matters.

Concept aside, the music of The Vailix combines chugging rock riffs, soaring vocals and hook-laden verses and choruses. The songs on their debut EP “Aeronaut” are anthemic and even downright poppy, but smarter than “pop rock” has any business being (who knew you could make a chorus with a big word like “Perihelion” catchy!). That’s about the time you remember there’s a sci-fi story attached to this music, which is there to be discovered when and if you care to. But if you don’t, it’s not distracting.

In that way, they are Charlottesville’s answer to Coheed and Cambria. Catchy enough to get regular rotation on radio, but with a complex backstory for future fans and devotees to obsess over. If they stick with that balance, it’s a recipe for success.”

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