Charlottesville Music Showcase

Studebaker Huck

Charlottesville Music Showcase presents: Studebaker Huck – Elements of punk, grunge, southern rock, and folk is what encompasses Studebaker Huck’s unique and raucous musical style. Fueled by their similar taste in music, friends Jarrod Zbieg and Zach Bradshaw started developing material and playing regularly together in 2015. After exploring a few different[…]

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Charlottesville Music Showcase presents: Threesound, a Virginia based trio, dips into the genres funk, rock, and pop to create something fresh. Through eclectic songwriting, soulful grooves, and soaring guitars, they deliver an organic and original sound filled with fat backbeats and smooth sensibilities. 21+  /  Free

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Future Prospect

Charlottesville Music Showcase presents: Future Prospect – Future Prospect, the newest addition to the Richmond music scene, features a septet of Richmond’s finest and youngest musicians. Their music, rooted in the Jazz tradition, is fused and intertwined with funk and R&B and deeply integrates hip hop. A balanced blend of flavor, high energy,[…]

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