ATM Unit (ft. Jonah Kane-West)

(AP) CHARLOTTESVILLE – Practices for the ATM Unit have been moved to a secret facility said to be located miles below the streets of Belmont. UN inspectors worry the group has harnessed Jazz Fusion Reaction (JFR), which gives off heat approaching that of the core of the Earth. 21+ // FREE!!

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Future Prospect

Charlottesville Music Showcase presents: Future Prospect – Future Prospect, the newest addition to the Richmond music scene, features a septet of Richmond’s finest and youngest musicians. Their music, rooted in the Jazz tradition, is fused and intertwined with funk and R&B and deeply integrates hip hop. A balanced blend of flavor, high energy,[…]

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Adrian Duke Band

Drenched with the sounds of New Orleans, Adrian Duke‘s piano skills are matched only by the raw emotional power of his voice. His first love was the Blues, but has since fallen for ladies like Funk, R&B and Jazz. All Ages // Free

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