Comrades / Time Nothing / Genosha / Smoke Signals / Sunshine Hysteria

Comrades – Emotional Post Rock/Post Hardcore born on the east coast, living in Colorado. Fresh off an EU tour! Time Nothing – Cville metallic hardcore 3-piece make their IX debut! Genosha – A moshy mixture of dissonance and melody fueled by societal disgust, romantic disdain and fraternal devotion. For fans[…]

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The BLNDRS are a local Charlottesville band on the rise. Formed in 2015, The BLNDRS combine classic and original rock and roll with their own take on classic folk-rock, eclectic flair, and vibrant stage presence. Since conception, the band has risen in the local scene ranks, playing regularly at Charlottesville[…]

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Post Sixty Five / Good Dog Nigel / Breakers / Teeter


Post Sixty Five – Long-running and beloved Cville post-rock outfit, ft. members of just about every band ever. Images of summer and sweltering heat permeate the band’s lyrics, written by frontman and lyricist Hicham Benhallam. Laced with lush guitars, hyper-melodic bass lines, and energetic percussion, the band creates a sonic[…]

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Leisure Suit Larry w/Hi Castle

Leisure Suit Larry – Since forming in early 2017, LSL has built an energetic library of original music and unique covers blending reggae, rock, punk, and even pop. Leisure Suit Larry   Hi Castle – Brand new folk-punk duo from UVA! 21+  /  Free

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Funktional Electrik / Surprise Attack / Sisters & Brothers

Funktional Electrik – Consisting of members of Tequila Mockingbird, The Ragnarockers, Two Ton Trapezoid, and Choose Your Own Adventure, the band was formed when five friends got together and discovered an undeniable chemistry and a penchant for creating captivating new songs on the fly. Surprise Attack – Drawing inspiration from across the[…]

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